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Leadership Requirements: What are the Qualities of Effective Leaders?

What are the requirements for leadership? What are the qualities of effective leaders? Which skills make successful leaders? How to be a good leader? Anyone can be an effective leader. One should not be a politician or a CEO to become an effective leader, even a homemaker could be an effective leader. What makes leaders […]

To feel happy help someone

Feel Happy by Helping Someone Cos Happiness is Success

Why are we mad after achievements? Isn’t it to feel happy? We, humans, are emotional beings and whatever we do is to satisfy our emotional needs only. We even collect material things for our emotional satisfaction only. No success without happiness We crave for accomplishments because they make us feel happy. What is the point […]

Does Success mean Getting What We Want?

Does Success mean Getting What We Want?

Does success mean getting what we want? Does happiness come from fulfillment of our desires? In general, we have this notion that if we get what we want, we will be successful and happy. Isn’t it? But, is it true? Loser despite fulfillment of desire I hope most of us are familiar with the story […]