Feel Happy by Helping Someone Cos Happiness is Success

To feel happy help someone

Why are we mad after achievements? Isn’t it to feel happy? We, humans, are emotional beings and whatever we do is to satisfy our emotional needs only. We even collect material things for our emotional satisfaction only.

No success without happiness

We crave for accomplishments because they make us feel happy. What is the point of accomplishing anything if it doesn’t bring happiness? We earn money, we build properties, and we accumulate wealth for the sake of happiness only.

And, remember, happiness is an emotion. I often hear people saying that we should not be emotional if we want to succeed. Does success mean getting what we want, even it doesn’t bring happiness? There’s no success without happiness.

The key is happiness, not a success. Do you know that Muhammad Ali threw his Olympic Gold Medal in Ohio River? I talked about this story in my book Make Success Your Way of Living.

Simple way to feel happy

Let me tell you a simple way to feel happy. You don’t have to be in any special environments to be happy, but you need to wear special kind of attitude. You need not to do anything extraordinary, just help someone in need.

I heard a story of a man who was asked by the God to choose between heaven and hell. He replied that he’d like to visit both the places himself before making a choice. The God agreed and arrangements were made for him.

It’s said that when he entered the hell, he looked puzzled because he saw delicious dishes were served in front of the people but they were not eating. When he looked closely, he found that their hands were tied with spoons bigger than their hands. Their spoons could easily pick the mouthwatering dishes from the plates placed in front of them but could not take them into their mouths because of their long handles.

After visiting hell, he went to heaven and saw the same picture that he had seen in the hell with an exception. He found that in heaven also, hands were tied with long-handled spoons but they were not starved. They were eating with other’s spoon. There were feeding each other. He observed that they could not feed themselves with long-handled spoons but could feed others. 

Success is not about resources but resourcefulness

The point is success or happiness is not about resources but resourcefulness. People living in both hell and heaven had same resources but their attitudes were different. People in heaven were helpful while people in hell were selfish.

It is not the resources but how you use the resources determines whether you are successful or not. The determining factor of success or happiness is your attitude. It’s about how you live your life.

Joy of selfless help

Recently, I read in news about a woman who needed INR 5000 for her visa fees. She had around 2000 in her hand and rest she wanted to withdraw from ATM but was unable to withdraw any money from ATMs despite visiting several in auto.  

The auto-driver sensed her helplessness and offered INR 3000 out of his saving just to help a stranger he met the first time. When he was helping that woman, he didn’t know that he was going to be in news for his act of helping. He didn’t help to get in the news and became a hero. He helped to feel happy.

Also, it should be noted that the bank balance of the woman didn’t come to rescue her in need but a complete stranger. So, don’t you think that it’d be better to invest in people than making bank balance?

I am collecting success stories of common people, like the auto-driver here, to compile them in a book. If you have any or know someone who has, please do write to me about it at  

To feel happy, you don’t need to be rich

To feel happy, you don’t need to be rich. It’s a myth that rich people are happy. On the contrary, they have more stress and worries. I know two princes, Buddha and Mahavira, who left their princely lifestyle and luxuries to find happiness.

And, when they find happiness, they didn’t keep it to themselves; they started to help others in finding happiness. The fact is you can’t keep real happiness just with you. Real happiness has a tendency to spread, and it spreads by helping others.

Most of the time, we mistake ego gratification with happiness. It’s easy to distinguish between the two. If you feel like helping others, know that it’s happiness. And, if you feel like gloating about your happiness, know that it’s ego gratification.  

Help someone to feel happy

I believe in genuine help. I have been helping people in sorting out their dilemmas for 4 years, through emails and Skype, and I don’t charge anything. I accept whatever they offer out of their gratitude. In other words, I help them, and they help me. In this way, we together experience the joy of helping others.